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Concrete Cutting Service · Seattle · Bellevue · Kent · Tacoma

Since 1982 Northwest Concrete Cutting has been cutting and removing concrete for
home and business owners. We cut and remove concrete for...

Residential Concrete Cutting Service · Sawing · Drilling · Coring · Breaking

Concrete Cutting for Doors and Windows
Drilling and Coring in Plumbing for Kitchen and Bathrooms
Home Improvement Projects
Breaking, Sawing and Removing Concrete for Pipe and Sewer Line Repair

See our Residential Concrete Cutting Services page for more details.

Commercial Concrete Cutting Service · Driveways · Sidewalks · Highways

Commercial Sites · Cutting · Drilling · Sawing
Industrial Sites · Imporovements · Renovations
Driveway Concrete Cutting
Sidewalk Concrete Cutting
Highway Concrete Cutting (DOT)
Drilling Holes for Dryer Vents
Concrete Cutting for Gas Station Oil Wells, Resevoirs
Opening of Commercial and Retail Buildings
Asphalt Cutting

See our Commercial Concrete Cutting Services page.

Concrete Removal & Demolition · Cutting · Sawing

Retaining Wall Demolition
Sheet Pile Wall Cutting and Sawing · Demo
Reinforced-Soil Gravity Walls
Cinder Block
Gravity Walls
Sidewalks, Walkways and Patios

Site Clean-Up · Concrete Cutting Company
We thoroughly remove all concrete materials, tools and other debris from your site when done.

For 28 years residential and commercial home and business owners choose us, because we are a Professional Concrete Cutting Company.

Affordable: They come back, because of our great pricing.
Safe: We operate safely on every job every time.
Trustworthy: Our workers are respectful and have complete background checks.
Excellent Concrete Cutters: Our repeat customers love job we did the first time.
Experienced: We have done all types of concrete cutting and removal jobs.
Fast: All concrete cutting jobs are completed in a timely manner.

We also offer a free consultation and estimate. We will come out, inspect your problem, measure and give you an affordable price.

Some of our highly satisfied customers include...

Business Owners
Retail Shops
Military Bases
General Contractors
Commercial Properties

Our goal is to make sure you have a functional and safe environment for your home or business.

Contact your Concrete Cutting and Removal Expert today at:

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We are the choice for concrete cutting and removal services!

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The Top 7 Reasons  To Get Concrete Cutting And Removal Services

The Top 7 Reasons To Get Concrete Cutting And Removal Services

Reason #1:  Repair Broken Water Pipes or Sewer Lines Sometimes water pipes and sewer lines become damaged.  This can be due to minor earthquakes, settling... 

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Concrete Equipment

Concrete Equipment

Concrete Saws Concrete Saw – Gasoline 14″ Chop Saws Diamond Saw Blades Core Drill- Electric Core Drill Bits Concrete Finishing Power Trowels Concrete... 

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