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The Top 7 Reasons To Get Concrete Cutting And Removal Services

Reason #1:  Repair Broken Water Pipes or Sewer Lines

Sometimes water pipes and sewer lines become damaged.  This can be due to minor earthquakes, settling ground or corrosion.  These pipes and lines must be repaired or severe damage can take place.  This includes sewage leaking into your home or on your property.  When sewer lines and pipes are located under concrete slabs, concrete cutting is needed.

Reason #2:  Change your Landscaping

Remodeling your yard can sometimes require concrete cutting and removal services.

You may need part of your patio removed to put in a hot tube.  Or a concrete slab cut to make space for a pool.  Some families like to put in a new pathway to a garden or sitting area.

Reason #3:  Adding Drainage

In the Pacific Northwest rain can keep your yard too wet.  That’s why some homeowners add drainage.  Trenches must be dug to lay pipe under existing concrete slabs.  This insures your yard will be drained properly.

Reason #4:  Gain Access to Crawl Spaces

Maybe you need access to crawl spaces for laying new wiring, plumbing or other reasons.  And concrete is normally the number one barrier.  Concrete cutting services will give you access to these areas.

Reason #5:  Home and Business Improvement Projects

Are you adding a bathroom, kitchen, generator or heavy machinery?  Concrete cutting makes it easier for these projects to happen.  Concrete walls and slabs can be a frustrating barrier.  You need these obstacles cut to make extra wiring and plumbing possible.

Reason #6:  Widen Door and Window Spaces

Windows have wood that expands and contracts.  Moving parts have been painted over.  Two surfaces may fuse together.  Doors can have too much tension, parts painted over and bad hinges.  Concrete cutting will widen these spaces.  Your windows and doors will operate without getting stuck or jammed.

Reason #7:  Remove Concrete

Don’t remove concrete pieces on your own.  This type of work is dangerous!  You can easily hurt your back or drop concrete pieces on your foot.  And you can injure your limbs or inhale concrete dust particles.

But how do you choose a concrete cutting and removal expert?