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Spokane Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting Spokane WA and Spokane Valley Areas

We're a trusted and reliable concrete repair Spokane service. We're experts in everything that involves cutting concrete including saw cutting, core drilling, concrete repairs, concrete removal and early entry soff cutting. We also provide residential, commercial and military base concrete services.


We are your best bet to handle your concrete cutting needs. We have the best professionals that have garnered enough experience to get the job done for you. Our experts are also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle your concrete cutting project. Our services are not limited to residential areas alone, we also provide concrete services for commercial and military bases too.


If you've been searching for any Spokane Concrete cutting service, we're here to put an end to your search. Our services do not require that you break the bank to afford our fees and yet we don't compromise on quality service.

Why choose us?

Concrete cutting is fast gaining popularity all over Spokane. These days, many people are seeking this service and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the best cutting concrete service in Spokane. Considering that there are many other concrete cutting services around. 


Being the best and most trusted concrete cutting service in Spokane, we outperform others by providing the best services in the industry.


Below are some of the reasons why we should be your first port of call when you need concrete cutting services in Spokane.

  1. Experience

As you know, experience beats knowledge. That's because you gather knowledge from your experiences. 


That's exactly why you should choose us. Our professional workers have been able to gather both knowledge and experience on the job.


Our workers have the best training and experience to cut concrete expertly while ensuring the safety of everyone on site. With over three decades of being on the job, we're sure to over-deliver and beat your expectations.

  1. Urgent repairs

Are you looking for that concrete cutting service that can fix your driveway, pool deck, indoor floor or the slabs in your home? Look no further; we're a reliable concrete service that can get these things done within a set time frame. We won't promise to fix the issues at the speed of light because we like to be honest with our clients. We can however promise to get these repairs done within a short time so that you can go about your other activities.


We're quite aware that it can get inconvenient to put all other activities on hold to fix your driveway or pool deck. That's why our experts are not only trained for concrete cutting but also for fast concrete repairs.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Our workers are trained to offer professional services. In the office, we have our response team always on standby to receive your calls and attend to your emails. We also dispatch our workers immediately to check out the scope of the work and if possible, begin work immediately.


Our staff are always punctual to the site because we know that punctuality is the soul of business.

  1. Friendly, reliable, and skilled repairmen

You can't go wrong with entrusting the safety of your property into the hands of our friendly, reliable and skilled concrete workmen. Our workmen are not only skilled in cutting concrete, but in customer relations and property management.

  1. Reasonable price and honest professional advice

You do not have to break the bank to use our services. Our services are budget-friendly, cost-effective and very affordable. We also offer honest professional advice to our clients. 


Sometimes, all you need for your driveway could be some minor repair and other times, you may need to do serious work on it. We do not aim to exploit our customers so we give them advice on what to do and help them arrive at an affordable budget.

Our concrete cutting services include:

  1. Core drilling

Core drilling involves drilling or using a hollow punch to remove hardcore materials from the concrete or asphalt without vibration. 


We can help you with removing hard materials in your concrete walls and asphalt. Core drilling without vibration reduces the risk of damaging other properties or damaging other structures during the drilling process. The process is noise and dust free and this is what makes us outperform other concrete cutting services.

  1. Concrete repairs

How do you know you need to make concrete repairs? When you notice cracks, dents, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling on your concrete floors or walls. When you notice this, your job is to call us while our job is to fix the hardened concrete surface. We take your concrete floors and walls back to the state where it's able to hold the binding concrete materials together and withstand environmental pressure.

  1. Concrete removal

We also do concrete removal. Do you want to remove the concrete from your driveway or patio? We're just one call away from expertly removing these concrete without damaging other properties or structures.

  1. Saw cutting 

We also offer saw cutting services. Saw cutting is used to create control joints in concrete.


As soon as you notice these cracks in your concrete, reach out to us fast so that we can get to work immediately. Joints should be sawed as soon as possible while it's still strong so that they won't dislodge surrounding particles. This means that the sawing process should be done within a set time of 18 to 24 hours.

Call us today for Spokane concrete services!

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Whatever concrete cutting issue you may have, put a call across to us and we'll surely have a solution for it.


No matter how big or small the contract is, bring the job to our table because we don't regret any deals. Our customer service is always on standby to receive your calls 24/7.


Remember that our service is spread across all parts of Spokane and Spokane Valley. We're your best bet in offering you a service that you cannot but recommend to others. Call us today!

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