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Concrete Cutting Services

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Sometimes you want to improve your home by adding a……..

  • Extra Bathroom or Kitchen
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pathway to a Garden or Sitting Area
  • Extra Room in your Basement

Concrete cutting services add……….

  • Value
  • Function
  • Convenience

Adding these additions requires new wiring, plumbing along with plans and permits.

The only thing getting in your way is concrete slabs and walls.

A new pathway or trench must be cut to allow new wires and plumbing to be put in. Attempting to do this yourself can be too…..

  • Costly
  • Time Consuming
  • Dangerous

We provide complete concrete cutting and removal services for small to large homes.

This is one of the most common places to add new plumbing and wiring. We can remove or cut your concrete foundation. And we can cut spaces for basement windows.

Door and Window Spaces
The law requires basement windows to be 42” from the egress or foundation of your basement floor. If your doors or windows keep getting stuck or jammed we can cut the concrete to make new ones fit and operate smoothly.

We can cut and remove your old pathway, so you can have new one installed. This can lead to anywhere on your property. Pathways are popular for leading to pools, gardens or sitting areas.

Damaged Sewer and Pipelines
Immediate repair is needed for damaged sewer and pipelines. But concrete must be cut and removed before this can happen. In an emergency like this call us now. We’ll cut and remove concrete, so your plumber or the city can secure and repair your pipes and sewer lines.

Damaged sidewalks can cause dangerous conditions for everyone. And you don’t want anyone falling in front of your home! We’re highly skilled in cutting and removing sidewalks.

Concrete Slabs
We can cut through concrete slabs. These can be located in or outside your home. Concrete slabs are barriers to adding power for basement appliances or room additions.

Concrete Pour-Backs

We’ll pour concrete for your driveway, sidewalk, pathway or patio. However we don’t always offer this service. You should contact a concrete design company for this service.

Lay the way for a brand new patio! Allow us to cut and remove your old one.

Concrete cutting and removal allows new additions to become a reality. This paves the way to your home….

  • Increasing in Value
  • Being Sold Quickly
  • Becoming More Functional
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