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what we offer


As a retail business you have customers of all ages that need a safe shopping environment. Call us when you need concrete cutting services for inside and outside retail purposes.



We offer patio concrete cutting and removal for home remodels, home developments and business patio areas. Out with old and in with the new starts with concrete cutting!



If you’re a Public Works Supervisor for a military base, we offer experienced military concrete cutting services. Our concrete cutting services are budget friendly, fast and high quality.



We will cut and remove concrete sidewalks for your home or business. Site cleanup insures you’ll have an attractive property when your sidewalk concrete cutting is finished.


Expert Concrete Cutting for Window, Doors and Driveways in Des Moines


If you want high precision concrete cutting work done in Des Moines, WA, you have reached the right place! Since 1982, Northwest Concrete Cutting has been one of the most trusted sources for residential and commercial concrete cutting services for Des Moines residents.

We offer expert concrete cutting services for a number of applications, including installation of:

  • Doors & windows in basement walls
  • Utility trench lines in floors
  • Foundation or dryer vents in walls
  • New driveways or footings
  • French drains

Our concrete cutting services can also help Des Moines residents fix problem areas in their property, such as removing sidewalks that may be a hazard.

Our Core Drilling Experts Handle All Types of Projects in Des Moines


Want to get neat holes cut out of a concrete structure? You should call out our core drilling experts to your Des Moines property. Core drilling involves penetrating a concrete slab/wall to extract a cylindrical piece from it.

Core drilling concrete surfaces in Des Moines properties may be required for several applications, such as for installing:

  • Electrical poles
  • Manholes or drains
  • Plumbing, HVAC lines
  • Hand rails

Our technicians can handle core drilling projects of all types or sizes in Des Moines, making sure that the work is done with finesse and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Moreover, we charge competitive prices so that our customers need only to pay an affordable core drilling cost per hole.

Choosing a Concrete Demolition Company in Des Moines - How Hard Is It?


When it is time to hire the services of a concrete demolition company, Des Moines residents must make every effort to make the correct choice. They should remember that all professionals are not equal, and not every company claiming to provide high quality concrete demolition services may actually do so.

Thankfully, we are here to make the difficult decision easy! We have all that you could want in the concrete demolition company that works in your Des Moines property, including:

  • Long experience in concrete demolition and removal
  • Cutting-edge, powerful machines for carrying out concrete demolition
  • Licensed technicians, fully trained to work with those advanced machines
  • Past record of delivering seamless, hassle-free, safe and honest services

You can also rest assured about the concrete demolition cost. Des Moines residents have known us to extend highly cost-effective services.

Let Northwest Concrete Cutting take care of all your concrete demolition, core drilling and concrete cutting needs in Des Moines. Call us at 206-462-2919.