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what we offer


As a retail business you have customers of all ages that need a safe shopping environment. Call us when you need concrete cutting services for inside and outside retail purposes.



We offer patio concrete cutting and removal for home remodels, home developments and business patio areas. Out with old and in with the new starts with concrete cutting!



If you’re a Public Works Supervisor for a military base, we offer experienced military concrete cutting services. Our concrete cutting services are budget friendly, fast and high quality.



We will cut and remove concrete sidewalks for your home or business. Site cleanup insures you’ll have an attractive property when your sidewalk concrete cutting is finished.


Expert Concrete Cutting for Window, Doors and Driveways in Bellevue


Looking for high precision concrete cutting services in the Bellevue, WA area? Get in touch with Northwest Concrete Cutting. Our company has been cutting concrete surfaces, and doing core drilling & concrete demolition work in the community since 1982 and has established itself as one of industry leaders.

We cater to both residential and commercial concrete cutting needs in Bellevue. Our professionals can be hired for concrete cutting, core drilling and concrete removal on any property improvement project. We can carry out concrete cutting to help Bellevue residents make desired changes in their property, such as:

  • Adding basement windows or doors
  • Removing old pathways or damaged sidewalks
  • Making space for new driveways or patios
  • Enabling sewer repairs

Whenever you need professional help in cutting concrete block wall or any other structure, think of us!

Our Core Drilling Experts Handle All Types of Projects in Bellevue


We offer comprehensive core drilling services in the Bellevue area. We have the skills, experience and capabilities for handling all types of projects requiring core drilling in concrete structures.

Our core drilling technicians service a diverse clientele in Bellevue, including:

  • Home owners
  • Retail businesses
  • Schools
  • Military bases
  • Landscaping contractors
  • Builders and masonry contractors

We take pride in doing high quality work. To make sure that our core drilling services for Bellevue residents are nothing less than the best, we have invested in a highly trained workforce and cutting-edge machines.

We can core drill to any depth, taking care that the drilling is done fast, cleanly and accurately.

Choosing a Concrete Demolition Company in Bellevue - How Hard Is It?


With several companies offering concrete demolition services in Bellevue, choosing the right professional can be hard. A wrong choice can prove very costly as it can lead not only to an unpleasant experience on the project, but also cause extensive damage to the property.

Rest easy and keep your property protected by hiring us when you need concrete demolition work done in Bellevue. We are proven pros at the job and can be trusted to do all your concrete demolition and removal work:

  • In an efficient, well-organized manner
  • At a quick pace, but without cutting corners
  • Safely, without any avoidable destruction of the property or landscape

Moreover, we do the entire job at a concrete demolition cost that Bellevue residents find easy to afford.

Call Northwest Concrete Cutting at 206-462-2919 for all your concrete demolition, core drilling and concrete cutting needs in Bellevue.