Seattle : 206-462-2919
South King : 253-656-4525
Bellevue/Eastside : 425-999-4243

Concrete Cutting and Removal Services

With 28 years of experience we understand how to quickly and accurately cut and remove concrete. Our concrete cutting and removal experts stay educated on the latest techniques, tips, tools and strategies.

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Concrete Sawing for Residential and Commercial Projects

Our concrete sawing services can help you improve your home or business. We can cut spaces for new openings and doors or pathway and sidewalk improvement - to cutting slabs and walls for new wiring or plumbing.

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Core Drilling and Coring

Concrete core drilling services for a variety of commercial or residential applications, including walls, slabs and ceiling coring for plumbing, electrical or HVAC projects.

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what we offer


As a retail business you have customers of all ages that need a safe shopping environment. Call us when you need concrete cutting services for inside and outside retail purposes.



We offer patio concrete cutting and removal for home remodels, home developments and business patio areas. Out with old and in with the new starts with concrete cutting!



If you’re a Public Works Supervisor for a military base, we offer experienced military concrete cutting services. Our concrete cutting services are budget friendly, fast and high quality.



We will cut and remove concrete sidewalks for your home or business. Site cleanup insures you’ll have an attractive property when your sidewalk concrete cutting is finished.


Seattle : 253-691-6752  South King : 253-656-4525  Bellevue/Eastside : 425-999-4243

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